Steadfast Truth Ministries

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Most importantly, know that YOU are loved

and valued by the Creator of the Universe!

Identity in Christ

The foundation of this ministry sees all humans as a creation of God. We are all valued and made in God’s image. Our conversations about current culture and God’s Word must go back to our identity as individuals and humans. This is also why we desire that you know you are valued by the Creator, himself.

Common Ground

This is a non-denominational ministry whose desire is to bring a divided world together, but most importantly to the Savior. We desire to start from the foundation of our identity in Christ, look for common ground and return to the Scripture to guide us in understanding today’s culture. It will not always be easy or comfortable, though we hope we become more loving and considerate in the process.

Exegesis not Eisegesis

To truly understand what God’s Word says and to know how to live out a life in Christ, we emphasize “exegesis rather than eisegesis”. Simply put, we must examine the Scriptures as intended by God, rather than interpreting them as we desire.