Statement of Faith


One True God: There is one God; but he is three equal parts. He is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God created the universe, and His creation reveals Him to us. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is fully God and came to earth as a man to give His life for forgiveness of all sins. The Holy Spirit enters the lives of believers to strengthen them and give discernment.

Scripture is Inerrant: The Bible is inspired by God and is without error or fault in all its teaching. Since God’s Word is the only completely reliable and truthful authority, we accept the Bible as our manual for living and addressing life issues.

Salvation: We are reconciled through Christ alone to salvation.  This reconciliation is outlined in the Gospel: Jesus’ death on the cross, His blood shed as the ultimate sacrifice, and His rising from the grave.

Humankind: We are created in God’s image and together make up the humanity – one people under God.

Christ and His Word are Enough: Christ and the Gospel provide a basis for the conversation of diversity. He comes first; this is a separate mention as worldly theories have other means of false hope, such as the Critical Theories presenting liberation through human means and works, not Christ. (Though Critical Theory was not created to be a new worldview; that is often how it functions, as it provides answers to life’s greatest questions.)

Forgiveness: Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, humans are born sinful and through Christ we can receive forgiveness of sin. Individuals experience salvation by God’s grace through faith recognizing that sin separates us from God.  Forgiveness comes through repenting of sin and believing in Jesus Christ.


Hope: Hope is critical when addressing cultural issues. We believe in hope and salvation in Christ. The message of Christ provides the hope to overcome Satan and his many cultural distractions and lies.  It is in the power of Christ, Scripture, and the Gospel we can stand firm against worldly versions of truth, including Critical Theory, in its various forms.  We have an advocate in Christ to push against the powers of this dark world.

Truth: This ministry exists to bring Truth to believers.  The roots of current theories and movements are often misunderstood to be grounded in truth. Much of postmodern thought; in academia, corporations, government, advertising, entertainment and youth culture, promotes misinformed ideologies and creates activists that wage war on God’s truth.

Racism: Racism has existed throughout history and is considered sin.  Scripture tells us not to favor any person or group over another. Standing up for wrong, from a Biblical worldview, is true justice. Christ is the only answer for reconciliation, not human effort alone. While racism does exist, Steadfast does not believe that America was founded on systemic racism. Yes, there are individuals and institutions that show bias, favoritism or display racism, but that does not make all of America racist.

Diversity: There is one race comprised of unique individuals with ethnic and cultural differences. Loving each other requires that we listen to others from a position of Truth.  Be quick to love, slow to speak, patient in listening, empathetic, celebrate with others, forgive and hold no record of wrongs.   Keep Christ at the center of all conversations. Christ and the Gospel lead the conversation on diversity. He comes first; He is not an add-on.

Sexuality | Identity: Our identity comes from God, and He loves all people. Scripture clearly states that God made male and female, and that sex is a gift made for marriage between a man and a woman.  Christians should lovingly come alongside those struggling with identity and orientation, as God loves all lives.  The enemy seeks to teach that our identity is based on our sexuality, gender, and race thereby disregarding our identity as image bearers of God.

Creation | Life: God created all things out of nothing and is eternal. Life begins for all people, at conception.  God considers all life precious.